Sehun Proves His Good Looks On Vogue!

Oh Sehun proved his undeniable good looks posing for the fashion magazine VOGUE, for its January 2017 issue.

He dressed up in high-end fashion clothing by ‘Moncler‘. Moncler is famous for its high-end down jackets, and they introduce a whole new collection this time.

Clothes like sleeping bags, boy-scout attire, even clothes go decades in reverse are done perfectly to meet the needs of youth who dares to wear. Also designer has chosen brown shades for all products. Sehun is dared to contribute his good looks for this line to prove he can make any style look fabulous.

Although this photo shoot received various opinions from fans of Sehun and EXO, it is not bad at all. Fashion is something which has no limit and if you dare to face it, anything works on you. Sehun did it well and he still looks amazing.

Why not trying to blend it into your style and look different this year. No! It doesn’t mean to wear a sleeping bag when you go out.

However, as a boy group who has conquered oceans, EXO is iconic when is comes to their clothing. From the time of their debut up to now boys have been dared to wear out of ordinary both on and off screen.


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