Meet The Twinkling Stars Of ‘THREE ONE SIX’, The Idol Group In Thailand!

Today, whilst the KPOP genre is trending and conquering the continents faster, a gemstone from Thailand is growing to shine. Name 316 (Three One Six)!

Seven candy boys, Kim, D7, Ton, Hugo, Toshi, B and Em, are together as 316 and is about to take Thai music to a whole new level. Not just that they are adding colours to the KPOP world as well, being the idol group in Thailand which is doing music in KPOP style. Let’s get to know them.

316, is a 7 member boy group born from 0316 (Zero Three One Six) Entertainment in Thailand. Two members of the group, Kim and D7, are Korean nationals. Trained under Steper Steper the group debuted on 07th July 2016, with the single ‘TARARA‘, a dance-pop song which introduced the group as sensational as it is. Well, the first impression counts and they did well.

Sooner the boys released their second single titled ‘Please Be Mine’, confirming themselves to the the first impression they’ve made. Raising the beats up high, boys start to take control, leaving you no choice but to be their fan.

Kim (Kim Deok-won) is been living in Thailand for almost 10 years. He used to be a translator who dreamed of being a singer. Finding his way through, he auditioned at 0316 Entertainment and was lucky to be chosen to the group as a sub-vocal. He speaks, Korean, English and Thai fluently so he takes an extra role as an interpreter in the group as well.


This charming and charismatic young man with an amazing smile have the ways to draw all attention his way. He also loves to listen to reggae style music at his free time.

D7 (Kim Chul-sung)moved into Thailand just four years ago. He had been a member of the group named Hispop prior to being chosen into 316. A former singer skilled in B-boying and rapping too, is the leader of the group. Although the language barrier and the culture difference put him through struggles, he is warmed by his members and shines brightly.


You cannot escape this handsome young man’s charm and the sweet personality. He has left his family and moved to Thailand for his dream and stands out stronger in a whole new place showing off his courage and belief in himself very well.

Toshi (Jirathip Panthi), the dancing knight of the group. He is also a hip hop champion in Thailand (year 2013/14). Other than being the main dancer, he is also a sub-vocal and a sub-rapper of the group. He auditioned with Kim and was last to join the group.


Toshi has a fabulous personality, an attractive style, decorated with an irresistible smile. 

Ton (Suradech Komnoi)who spoke much less one of the younger members of the group. His role in the group is the rapper. He appears to be silent yet thoughtful.


Full of loveliness, he is attractive in all the ways.

Hugo (Adisorn Sujaree), fashion king of the group. He who proudly introduced himself as the ‘center of the group’, is the visual of the group. Indeed he is good looking and stylish. Who came to audition together with B, Em, and Ton, is chosen to the group as a sub-vocal and a sub-rapper.


Other than his activities in the group he likes exploring and experiencing new fashion trends. It is obvious he is a born visual.

B (Peerawat Visitwarodom) is the maknae of the group and is also the main vocal. Prior to joining the group he has been to the vocal competition named KPN Music Contest in Thailand and won the third place. Soon after he also appeared in a historical TV Drama aired on Channel 3. Later he heard of the audition at 0316 Entertainment from Hugo and Em. He found his way to pursue his ultimate dream, to be in a boy group joining 316.


This sweet maknae has a spell you cannot escape from his undeniable cuteness and glow in his appearance as well as the character. He cares about his physic very much. At his free time, he works out to maintain his good looks and health.

Em (Jirawat Sawatdidech) is the sub rapper of the group. He who has a precious treat of the cute smile is also skilled in dancing. Again another quiet one with lots of eye smiles.


He is adorable enough to win many fan hearts.

B, Ton, Em and Hugo used to be a cover dance team earlier. They became the champion in cover dance competition held in Korea, in 2013, and won the international award beating three other countries.

It was time to awaken some memories from their pre-debut times. Kim unveiled their sweet stories without hesitation. Back in the days during training, they used to be in two rooms. D7, Toshi, B and Ton was in one and the rest in another. Kim stated that the other room always had issues. When the question as to who is the trouble maker was made, each member had their own choice. Well, they all look troublemakers – to be precise adorable troublemakers.

grp-srnh-316 grp-srnh-316-jpg1

It’s was difficult, we didn’t know when we will debut. Until we got to know we were to finally debut it was not easy. But it was alright.’ Kim added. However, their faces lightened up as they went back into their memories.

Moving onto their debut single ‘TARARA’, boys revealed it’s done with the contribution of all members. D7 has contributed in Korean lyrics, whilst Toshi played the main role in making choreography. The song is produced by Choi Jung-hwan, who also worked on soundtracks for the drama ‘Oh My Girl‘.

Check out the music video and the dance version of ‘TARARA’, below.

Check out the music video and the dance version of ‘Please be Mine’, below.

The group has been showing off their colours in Myanmar recently. Also, they will be in Laos this month. In their wish list, Japan, China, Hong Kong, New York, also Sri Lanka is included. Await! No sooner you will be able to see them performing live on a stage in your city.

The group just released a tribute song to the late King of Thailand ‘King Rama IX’, titled ‘The Promise‘. Whilst speaking about this, the boys couldn’t hide their sincere respect towards the King. Currently, they are involved in the promotional activities of this song.

Furthermore, you can wait for something even greater, which will be happening soon. They are planning to release their third single which would be followed by their first album during early 2017. Members revealed it’s gonna take all new pop style which you gonna love for sure. Well, I’m impatient for this.

Although any of us didn’t want our conversation to end, we couldn’t freeze the time. Before we say our goodbyes the boys made a promise to you who love them. ‘We will work hard. We will do our best to all our music to keep you satisfied. Also, we wish to learn more and grow with all music genres and styles.’ This promising group indeed has a lot in their store to deliver us in time to come.

Growing up with dreams, stepping into realising them accepting challenges, 316 is a group of believers and achievers. This sensational group with overflowing aegyo and purity will surely keep their promises with great music that you will need more.

Marking it an end which is not an end, members confessed more than anything, what they need is you. The love and support from you at all times is the best gift they need.

Show you love to these boys in the comments below.

Await to know more about these beautiful boys with sarang-hae.


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  1. Deborah | 9th Dec 16

    Awwww, thank you! I loved the way to introduced them, very very cute! It was awesome to know some things I didn’t know, like the trouble maker thing… ^^

    Ah, may I ask you something? Can I translate to my blog for Thai Music and a Brazilian page for them on Facebook?

    Love from Brazil ^^

    • Sarang | 14th Dec 16

      Thank you for the comment and appreciate your love. Sure you can do that. ^_^ Please wait to know more about the group.

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